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SRU Insulation takes pride in the Soundproofing Products we sell. We work closely with local Manufacturers and Suppliers to give you the most advanced Soundproofing Products on the market today.With our extensive product research,development and testing , our products guarentee that you will be able to improve both Impact and Airborne noise issues throughout  home's and workplace's and willl comply with the Part E Regulations when converting a property or with a new build.  If you need Soundproofing Products, SRU Insulation are the ones to call.



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Acoustic and Smoke tested Perimeter Seal. BS 47..
A co-extruded PVC, acoustic and smoke perimeter se..
SRU Insulation is one of the UK’s Leading manufact..
The Acoustic Dropseal is a surface mounted automat..
Acoustic Hoods are a lightweight sound absorber th..
Acoustic Insulated Ducting A high quality, flex..
SRU - Acoustic Floor Batten System is designed to ..
Acoustic glass is specialist glass ..
Our Acoustic Perimeter Door Seal is a neat, c..
Acoustic Soundproofing Isolation Tape is used..
SRU Acoustic Wall Ventilator designed fo..
Correx floor protection can be used fo..
Twin thread with phosphate finish. Piercing point ..
Plywood faced door blank is an affordable way..
Our FloorDeck 18 acoustic overlay fl..
 FloorDeck 28 can be laid directly o..
SRU FloorDeck 35 is a high performance ac..
FloorLay 9 High Performance Acoustic Underlay ..
EVO-STIK Gripfill Solvent Free is a white, gap fil..
Specification   Brand G..
GypFloor silent floor channels can be used to..
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