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DBx boards

dBX Pro Acoustic Board is a 15mm Acoustic board that comprises of quarts sand. Superior in density and mass the dBX Board will result in excellent airborne (47dB – DW) and impact (35dB) results. This British sourced and manufactured natural breathable product is extremely versatile with many applications and can be installed on Walls, Ceilings and Floors adding +/-21kg of mass per square meter.

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Acoustic Membrane

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MLV100® Premium Mass Loaded Vinyl a mineral loaded heavy layer nominally 4mm thick with a mass of 10kg/m2 specially designed to block unwanted noise.

MLV50Shop Now ->

MLV50®​ Mass Loaded Vinyl is a mineral loaded heavy layer nominally 2-3mm thick with a mass of 5kg/m2

MLV50 SYShop Now ->

MLV50®​ MOMENTUM SY Self-Adhesive Mass Loaded Vinyl has been developed, formulated and manufactured in the UK as an alternative to imported membranes.

SoundBoard 50

SoundBoard 50 is a high density Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV50) attached to a 12.5mm Acoustic plasterboard. The increase mass added to the acoustic plasterboard with MLV50 with reduce airborne noise through all surfaces it is applied to.

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FloorLay 9

FloorLay 9 High Performance Acoustic Underlay is ideal for reducing Impact Noise on both concrete and timber floors. Provides a perfect base for laminate hardwood floors & carpets fully decoupling the final floor from exiting structure.

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GenieClip RST ( Pliteq )

The Pliteq GenieClip® RST is engineered for Superior Acoustical Performance in reducing the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.

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SRU Rockfloor

SRU Rockfloor is an Acoustic and Thermal tissue faced rockwool floor slab which can be used for floor soundproofing and thermal insulation.

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Affordable Soundproofing & Insulation Products

SRU Insulation Ltd is one of the largest suppliers and stockists of Soundproofing and Insulation products in the UK. We offer a fast nationwide and same day local delivery service. With showroom's in Morden, Greater London and Worthing, West Sussex we offer an extensive range of soundproofing solutions and soundproofing products under one roof, all ready for collection or delivery at your convenience. Our friendly advisors are ready to assist with any of your soundproofing problems. SRU Insulation have the products and solutions available in store and online today.

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