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Soundproofing Floors


Soundproofing floors is not a one-measure fits-all recommendation. Each sort of floor has its own particular extraordinary soundproofing requirements; consequently, there are a few conceivable answers for consideration. Cover, hardwood, clay, and vinyl are other kinds of floors.

This may be a new floor development or a rebuild. Noisy clamour is dependably an issue that can be heard through floors of flats and houses and is constantly more of an aggravation when there is no foundation commotion to help keep it inside the home. This is especially apparent around evening time when it might be in the room and can obviously hear the clamour from above or beneath.

The noises may not be noisy and may not be there during the day but rather they can be irritating around evening time and can keep individuals alert. Nonetheless, ordinary commotion, for example, typical discourse and TV/radio volumes may not be heard during the daytime and the current Part E Regulations for clamour control through isolating floors in recently made flats and houses have complied to this.

All flooring ventures start with a subfloor and can be complemented with a soundproofing material. Flooring underlay is utilized to soundproof a floor. It's critical to pick the correct sort of underlay for the flooring sort. There are two sorts of commotion floor soundproofing treatments: impact and airborne.

Airborne sound (or airborne noise) is the sound that is transmitted through the air. Utilize acoustic tangling to soundproof floors.

Acoustic tangling is the most well-known type of floor soundproofing used to lessen impact noise. Airborne commotion can be the sort transmitted by discourse or music while affect clamour is as it proposes, clamour made by footfalls or furniture being dragged crosswise over hard floors.

Impact noise is likewise basically borne sound that can go up and through dividers or straightforwardly down through floors while the airborne sound is typically heard specifically through a floor. Timber flooring underlay exceptionally intended to lessen sound exchange while likewise giving included dampness security. Prescribed for use with most basic cover and designed timber coasting floors.

Timber flooring underlay uniquely intended to decrease sound exchange while additionally giving included dampness security. Prescribed for use with most regular cover and engineered timber coasting floors. Airborne noise issues related with concrete floors are generally owing to noise flanking here and there the basic dividers and the best way to deliver this issue is to soundproof the influenced dividers with a thin soundproofing material.

Impact play thick acoustic tangling for concrete floors offers a savvy and effectively introduced answer for battle airborne and impact noise. It is produced using a solitary acoustic hindrance tangle layer with a resilient chip froth centre. Acoustic underlay is generally used to soundproof household and business floors, acoustic underlay is a famous decision for mortgage holders and designers that need to decrease impact and airborne sound through isolating floors. Soundproofing floors give great pleasure to the user and ensure a peaceful life.


Floor Soundproofing Solutions

Please find below many Floor Soundproofing solutions to minimise noise in your home today.

Having an issue with airborne noise from the property below. Don’t want to lose much floor height, then our most popular Db boards with Rockwool floor solution will help with improving all airborne noise such as talking, TV and music through the floor/ceiling area. You can replace the floor with most floor finishes after installation.

If you have some height which you can afford to lose and require a product which will decouple a new structure from the existing and is not very disruptive and will give you a good improvement in both impact and airborne noise, then our Acoustic hanger type C ceiling decoupling bracket will be most suitable for you. Excellent acoustic performance when installed to an existing lath and plaster ceiling. If you cannot to loose any ceiling height ask about our Acoustic Type A ceiling hangers.

High-performance acoustic underlay for concrete or timber floors. Carpet or wooden floors can be installed directly to the underlay with a high contact flooring adhesive. 100mm RW3 acoustic sound insulation slabs are installed between floor joist to treat all reverberation with the empty void under the floor.

Need a cost effective, simple overlay floor system that will improve on impact noise? Then the FloorDeck 18 would be the most suitable solution for you. The FloorDeck 18 overlay floor system is laid directly to any subfloor timber or concrete construction. Lino and laminate flooring can be installed directly to the flooring.

Converting a property or carrying out a renovation. The FloorDeck 35 is an acoustic structural direct to joist system which will improve on both impact and airborne noise transference through timber floor areas. Can also be used in any domestic environment to combat noisy neighbours. Part E Compliant.

Our SRU “silent” floor hanger system is excellent for reducing impact and airborne noise, when wanting to retain original floorboards with only 7mm of floor height raise throughout. The silent floor hanger consists of a metal wing channel with a 5mm isolation tape attached to it, thus creating a fully floating floor off existing joists.

Need to get the best possible improvement for both impact and airborne through the floor area? Then the Karma Mass panel full floating floor system would be the best possible solution for you. This product is moist and fire resistant and can be used as a structural floor for new build and Part E Regulation conversions. Can also be used in bathroom and kitchens. None load bearing walls can be installed directly to the Mass Panel. Most floor finishes can be used after installation.

15mm SoundLay Plus Acoustic underlay can be used for improvements on both impact and airborne noise through timber and concrete floors. 100mm RW3 acoustic sound insulation slabs are installed between floor joist to treat all reverberation with the empty void under the floor.


Floor Solution Comparison

Solution Description Floor Height Loss Material Cost Labour Intensity Airborne Noise Improvement Impact Noise Improvement
A 15mm Acoustic Db boards System 15mm High High 60% * 60-65% *
B FloorLay 15 15mm Medium Medium 55% 55%
C FloorLay Plus 15mm Medium Medium 50% 60%
D FloorDeck 18 18mm Medium Medium N/A 45%
E FloorDeck 35 35mm High Medium 60% 65%
F SRU Floor Hanger System 7mm High Very High 65% 65%
G Karma Mass Panel 30mm High High 60% 60%
H SoundLay Plus 15mm Medium Medium 50% 50%

*above results are averages achieved on various installations through the UK. We cannot guarantee the exact same of improvement on every installation carried out.



All the above systems can also be further upgraded with various soundproofing products to achieve a higher level of noise reduction after installation:

  • MLV100
  • MLV50
  • Green Glue
  • 15mm Db Boards