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Isosonic Bracket 45 & 125

Isosonic Bracket 45 & 125

The Isosonic acoustic ceiling bracket can be used to upgrade any ceiling  and wall construction.The brackets acts as a decoupling mechanism which is within the hanger.


  • Easy to Install
  • Can be used with either timber batons or with metal frames
  • Can be used on stud and brick walls 
  • Installation conforms to Document E
  • Superior performance with around 3dB - 4dB better than resilient bars or Type C Hangers

Product Specifications:

  • Isosonic 45 provides a ceiling drop of 50mm
  • Isosonic 125 provides a ceiling drop between 50mm and 135mm
  • Quantity of 100 per/box

Installation Guideline:

  • Brackets p/sqm : Recommend  4-6 brackets depending on the final board weight

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