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Speciality Soundproofing Boards

Phonestar is an award winning German Engineered  Soundproofing board. It is constructed from totally environmentally friendly products; wood derivatives and silica. It significantly reduces both impact and airborne sound and at only 15mm thickness boasts an airborne improvement of 36db (Rw in isolation) Phonestar soundproofing boards significantly reduces both, airborne and impact sound through walls, floors and ceilings. 

The performance of the board in isolation has been shown to reduce airborne sound by 36 dB. But when combined with other high performance soundproofing products like Tecsound & Acoustic Plasterboards even higher db ratings are achieved.

Not only is it a great product for reducing airborne sound but it is excellent for impact sound reduction. It has been shown to reduce impact sound by 21dB ( lw). 

Phonestar boards can be used to exceed Part E Regulations in property conversions and renovations.

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