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12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard - High Density Soundproofing Plasterboard

12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard - High Density Soundproofing Plasterboard

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12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboards are designed for installation in areas where you may want to reduce noise. The acoustic plasterboard is a lot heavier than a standard plasterboard sheet but it will greatly reduce any noise impact in adjacent rooms or properties. Acoustic plasterboards are used throughout the building industry usually as part of an acoustic wall system that might include mineral cavity insulation and acoustic sealant. Our Acoustic boards are one of the most cost effective acoustic plasterboards on the market.


  • Ideal for soundproofing ceilings to minimise noise transference
  • Ideal for soundproofing walls to minimise noise transference 
  • Approved Document E Partitions
  • Helps reduce passage of sound
  • Plasterboard is easy to score and snap for rapid installation

Product Size

  • 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm
  • 10.5kg/m2
  • 2.88sqm per sheet

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