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SKU: GenieWallSystem-Acoustic-Mastic-496

Genie Wall System

£5.95 Ex Vat

£7.14 Inc Vat


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Custom Price
MLV100 £71.94
MLV50 £65.94
Acoustic Mastic £7.14
12.5mm Soundshield £21.54
25mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £43.14
SPS dB Board Tape £9.54
SPS dBX Boards £32.34
Genie Clips £3.60
Genie Clip Furring £4.55


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The Genie Clip system is a versatile and effective solution for soundproofing when there isn't enough space for an independent wall. Overall, the Direct-to-Wall Sound Genie Clip system is a practical and efficient solution for soundproofing walls when you need to achieve high levels of noise reduction without the space for additional construction. However, as with any soundproofing project, it's essential to assess your specific requirements and consider consulting with professionals to ensure the best results for your particular situation.

  • High Performance: The Direct-to-Wall Sound Genie Clip system is designed to achieve high levels of improvement in both impact and airborne noise reduction. It is particularly effective at addressing low-frequency sound control, which can be challenging to manage.
  • Ease of Installation: This system is easy to install on any wall construction. It offers an advantage over conventional systems by being virtually error-proof during installation, reducing the risk of fitting mistakes.
  • Resilience: Incorporating a layer of resilience is crucial for effective soundproofing. The Genie Clip system offers a high level of resilience, which helps absorb vibrations and sound transmission more effectively than some other methods, such as resilient bars.
  • DIY-Friendly: The system is described as "DIY-able," which suggests that homeowners or individuals with basic DIY skills can install it themselves.
  • Space Efficiency: One notable feature is that it is a slim-fitting wall soundproofing solution, with only a 66mm space loss. This makes it suitable for applications where space is limited.
  • Use on Solid Party Walls: Genie Clips work well when attached directly to a solid party wall. The system's resilience and effectiveness in isolating vibrations contribute to its performance in such applications.


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