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  Next day delivery available - Order before 12pm

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  Next day delivery available - Order before 12pm

  Trusted Supplier & Installer



ACTIS Hybris Panel

£48.95 Ex Vat

£58.74 Inc Vat


Total Meterage: 

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Size Price
170mm x 1145mm x 1200mm £52.74
185mm x 1145mm x 1200mm £58.74
205mm x 1145mm x 1200mm £63.54
Cutter £17.94
Cutter Blades £8.34
Isodhesif Tape 100mm x 25m £10.74
Multidhesif Tape 100mm x 20m Black £15.54
50mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 5.49m2 £34.86
75mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 5.49m2 £49.14
90mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 5.49m2 £65.94
105mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 5.49m2 £70.14
125mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 2.74m2 £40.74
140mm x 1200mm x 2400mm - 2.74m2 £46.19
155mm x 1145mm x 1200mm - 2.74m2 £58.74


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Introducing Actis Hybris, the innovative insulation solution designed to transform your timber frame or masonry walls, pitched roofs, and ceilings into high-performance thermal barriers. With a plethora of low emissivity internal cavities, Actis Hybris boasts exceptional thermal performance, while its low emissivity external films provide added thermal resistance. This versatile insulation material is perfect for roofs, walls, and ceilings, making it a go-to choice for a wide range of applications. With a thermal conductivity (λD) of just 0.032 W/m·K, Actis Hybris offers outstanding thermal efficiency, and its core thermal resistance (RD) ranges from 0.90 to 9.05 m²·K/W, ensuring you have options to suit your specific needs. Available in thicknesses from 30 to 300mm, it provides flexibility without compromising on performance. Actis Hybris is not only airtight but also watertight, with a W1 rating, ensuring lasting protection against the elements. With Actis Hybris, you're investing in an insulation solution that combines superior thermal properties with easy application, all while being environmentally friendly. Make your spaces cozier and more energy-efficient with Actis Hybris – your gateway to enhanced insulation for a more comfortable living environment.

Product Highlights:
Key Features Thermal conductivity λD (W/m.K) : 0.032 Core Thermal resistance RD (m².K/W) : from 0.90 to 9.05 Thermal resistance (m².K/W) with 2 air voids : from 2.15 to 10.60 Thickness (mm) : from 30 to 300 Watertightness : W1 Benefits A large number of low emissivity internal cavities results in a very high thermal performance Low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance Applications A new reflective insulation material for roofs, walls & ceilings Technical characteristics Z-value > 550 MNs/g Core R value: from 0.9 to 9.05 R value with 2 aird voids tested to EN 16012: from 2.15 to 10.60 Emissivity = 0.05 / 0.10 Airtight Watertight



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