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M20 Wall Panel System Kit (10.00sqm)

 M20 Wall Panel System Kit (10.00sqm)

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If you can’t afford to lose much wall space, but still want a wall soundproofing solution that will improve on airborne noise such as conversations, TV’s and music through your wall? Then the M20 wall panel system would be most suitable for you.

Kit Consist of the following: (10.00sqm)

  • 10 x M20 wall Panels
  • 12 x SRU M20 High Contact Spray Adhesive
  • 2 x AC95 Acoustic & Fire Sealant
  • 1 x Large Applicator
  • 12 x High Grab Adhesive
  • 8 x 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard
  • 1 x Scrim Tape
  • 1 x Pack Rubble bags (10)

Tools Needed for Installation:

Hammer, Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Dust Mask, Crow Bar, Pencil or Marker, 1.2m Level. Electrical Screw Drivers, Filling Knife, Packers

Fitting Instructions:

  • Remove any cornicing, skirting boards, wall-paper, electrical points
  • Spray entire wall with SRU M20 wall spray adhesive to prime wall
  • Spray the first M20 wall panel and the wall with Spray Adhesive and install the Panel ( No waiting time needed) Continue until entire wall is needed
  • Seal all joins and edges with the AC95 and clean off with Filling Knife
  • Place packers at the bottom of the wall and start to install first layer of Acoustic Plasterboard with the High Grab adhesive and Spray adhesive. Make sure boards dont touch floor, walls and ceiling.
  • Seal all edges , joins with AC95 and clean off with filling knife
  • Install 2nd layer of acoustic plastertboards same way as first layer remembering to stagger joins
  • Seall all edges, joins with AC95 and clean of with filling Knife
  • Install Scrim tape to all joins 


Dont let boards touch walls, floor and ceiling

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