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M20 Wall Panels - 1m x 1m x 22mm (20kg) Party Wall Soundproofing

M20 Wall Panels - 1m x 1m x 22mm (20kg) Party Wall Soundproofing
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SRU M20 Wall Panels are made up of recycled rubber and is specially designed to reduce and absorb airborne noise which penetrates poorly insulated party wall and where wall space loss is an issue. SRU M20 wall panels weigh 20kg per panel so 5kg MORE than other suppliers!! Cheaper is not always better.

The M20 Wall Panels are easy to install and can produce excellent results with a minimal space loss of 52mm. ( When adding 2 x layers of acoustic plasterboards) Generally an 10db-12db improvement with the sound panels ( around halving the noise)

Our M20 Wall Panels  are manufactured  slightly heavier and thicker giving a far better acoustic performance than all other suppliers. Simply stuck on to exiting walls with our very own SRU High Contact Spray Adhesive. We would advise 1 x Can of Spray for every two Panels. 



  • Adding more mass p/sqm per panel
  • Minimal Wall space loss solution
  • Quick and easy to install using our very own high contact spray adhesive
  • 10-12db improvement in airborne noise
  • Minimal wastage as each cut can be used
  • Part E Compliant

General Physical Data

  • Size: 1m x 1m
  • Weight : 20kg/m2
  • Nominal Thickness: 22mm

Other uses for this product.

  • Gymnasium floors
  • Under Household appliances
  • Under treadmills

 Acoustic Performance:

  • Dnt,w (C;Ctr) + Ctr 58   (-3:-8)db                

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Installing the SRU M20 Wall Panels:

First always make sure that the area you will be applying the M20 wall panels to is clean from any dust, oils or grime.

We would advise cleaning the wall prior to installation with a soapy water and then left to fully dry. Use our SRU Spray adhesive to prime the wall before installation.

The SRU M20 wall panels is simply bonded onto the wall with our SRU High Contact Spray-Adhesive. Hold the spray can around 30cm from the panels and spray in a web effect. Spray the wall the same way and appy the M20 wall panel to the area. Seal all joins and edges with AC95 Acoustic & Fire Sealant before boarding the wall.

The plasterboard is bonded to the M20 wall panels in the same manner, but a grab adhesive can also be used. Where necessary, the M20 wall panel is easily cut with a sharp knife. 

When the insulation is securely stuck, two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard should be glued on top with our SRU Spray Adhesive

A small gap should be left around the edges of the plasterboard to avoid bridging the resilient layer. This gap should be filled with AC95 Fire and Acoustic Sealant and a plaster skim coat applied to finish off the plasterboard.

Even greater noise reduction can be obtained if the treatment is applied to BOTH sides of the wall. This product and method is not suitable for loud music and cinema noise coming through a party wall.

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