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GypFloor Silent Floor Channels . SIF1 2m length.

GypFloor Silent Floor Channels . SIF1 2m length.

GypFloor silent floor channels can be used to improve both impact and airborne noise transference through timber joist floors and floorboards. The metal channels are installed to the existing joist and the isolation strip decouples the floorboards from the current structure, thus creating a floating floor.

The transfer of impact noise through floor structure to the room below, for example impact noise from footfall or furniture movement, is reduced due to the integral neoprene strip located within Floor Channels

An existing structure can be improved, in terms of both fire and acoustic performance, without requiring extensive alteration, even where access is available from above only.


  • Provides a significant uplift in acoustic performance making it an ideal upgrade for transforming a non-performing floor to one that is Building Regulations compliant
  • Adds only 7mm to the existing floor height.

Acoustic & Fire Performance:

  • Sound insulation airborne: 54 - 63 (Rw dB)
  • Sound insulation impact: 63 - 55 (Lnw dB)
  • Fire resistance: 30 - 90 (min)

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