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FloorDeck 35 - High Performance Acoustic Floating Floor System

FloorDeck 35 - High Performance Acoustic Floating Floor System

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SRU FloorDeck 35 is a High Performance acoustic floor system designed to cut back on both airborne and impact noise. It’s the perfect choice for floors in poor condition that need to be replaced.

The SRU FloorDeck 35 provides both structure and acoustic protection and can be laid directly to the joist or laid over a an existing concrete floor thus saving any height restrictions. An excellent product for Architects and property Developers when converting properties into HMO's, designing new builds, property renovations and gymnasium floors. Complies to  Part E Regulations (Alternative to Monar Floor Tri-Deck)


·       Full support of floor loadings defined in BS: 6399-1: 1996.

·       Superior performance from the recycled foam used, which represents excellent impact improvement.

·       Fire resistance. Fully foam fire tested to BS4790 and Polymeric Barrier fire tested to Dfl-s1

·       Guaranteed quality

·       Fully Document E compliance: FloorDeck 35 is suitable for many different building systems

Flanking transmission

Acoustic noise can sometimes leak through adjacent walls and ducts, in a phenomenon known as flanking transmission. FloorDeck 35mm, combined with Acoustics Tape (a flexible polyethylene seal) can help to cut this down.


Based a ceiling construction of a ceiling construction of 45kg/m3 insulation between joist & 2 x 12.5mm.

·       DnT,w + Ctr: 46dB

·       LnT,w : 56dB

Dimensions (in mm)

·       Sheet Size: 2400mm x 600mm

·       Thickness: 35mm 

·       Weight 30.5kg

·       Density 21.18kg/m2

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