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Soundproofing Insulation Info


If you have ever experienced uncontrolled or unwanted sound in your home, recording studio, school or work place then you will know how annoying it can be and the need for such places to have soundproofing in place. Apart from getting on your nerves, noises can lead to serious health hazard (cause damage to your ear drum),especially sounds with high-frequency and high-intensity. This is as a result of the force and number of sound waves transmitted by such sounds. Even the slightest adjustment to the level of decibel (used in measuring sound level) can significantly affect the sound you hear.

Most of us find ourselves living in noisy environments and more often than not, we find it very frustrating living in such environments. Consequently, this has prompted so many into looking for ways to avoid the noise. The big question therefore is, how can you control the sound you hear? As pretty straightforward as this question may seem, it has however posed a big challenge to many over the years. One reason it is so is that there are so many alternative products to pick from on the internet when it comes to soundproofing products. But the good news is, we found the perfect solution in “SRU Insulation” soundproofing products.


Why SRU Insulation?

At SRU Insulation, they understand that soundproofing has to do with preventing sound waves from penetrating into areas where they will be regarded as noise.

SRU Insulation is a brand renowned for their top quality soundproofing products among others. Their products speak for themselves and, their services are second to none at a very affordable budget which has made them stand apart from other brands. Below are two among several customer reviews to serve as a testament to the fact that, the only thing you can get at SRU Insulation are products and services that are of top notched quality.

"Very helpful, expert advice. Deliveries arrived exactly when scheduled. An excellent result at reasonable prices — highly recommended."
- Tony Bentley

"SRU Insulation really know their stuff when it comes to soundproofing and have helped me through many different projects for my customers. I've used them for 2 years now and would give them 10/10."
- UK Soundproofing Solutions Ltd

So be it the floors of your home, walls, ceilings, studios etc., that you wish to soundproof. SRU Insulation can offer quality products that will not only strike your fantasy but beat your imagination.

Their “Defender 35” for instance, is a rare quality acoustic floor product that offers high performance. This product is one produce to soundproof against noise that penetrates the floor as well as airborne noise. Suffix it to say therefore that, “Defender 35” is the perfect option for all floors including those in bad condition.

Having come in contact with this piece, I can only expect you wouldn't look any further than SRU Insulation for the perfect soundproofing product for your soundproofing needs. For more information about SRU Insulation or their products and services visit them at www.sruinsulation.co.uk.


Example of Decibles

Decibel Sound Example
10 Almost inaudible A leaf falling
20 Audible Rustles of autumnal leaves
30 Very quiet Whispering
40 - Living room, quiet classroom
50 Limited sound Refrigerator working, car driving past
55 - Percolating coffee-maker
60 Audible Sound of human voice, machinery
70 Irritating Television set on loud, vacuum cleaner, several people on the telephone
75 Constant sound Busy restaurant around lunchtime
80 Unpleasant Alarm clock, freight traffic, doorbell
85 Loud Sawing, mixer
90 Extremely unpleasant Truck close by, screaming, yelling, shouting
95 Noisy Drill, violin
100 Extremely unpleasant Machine in a factory, compressor, fighter jet at 300 m
105 Even louder Helicopter close by, large drum
110 Extremely loud Rock concert, chainsaw
120 - Human voice at its loudest, police siren
130 - Thunder
140 Pain threshold First Monday of the month siren from close by
150 Permanent damage to hearing Fireworks
160 - Shooting with pistol or rifle
170 - Avalanche firework
180 - Rocket launch platform
194 - Saturn rocket

Sound Insulation Testing Explained

One of the many Building Regulations requirements when developing residential properties is to achieve a certain standard of sound insulation performance between dwellings.

The specific performance requirements for new builds and conversions are set within Approved Document E (2003 Edition) and are summarised in the following tables.

New Builds
Airborne Sound Insulation (DnT,w + Ctr) ≥ 45 dB
Impact Sound Insulation (L’nT,W) for floors only ≤ 62 dB
Airborne Sound Insulation (DnT,w + Ctr) ≥ 43 dB
Impact Sound Insulation (L’nT,W) for floors only ≤ 64 dB

What They All Mean

The whole purpose of the new  regulation is to provide adequate sound insulation between neighbouring properties when converting a single dwelling property into one or more separate dwellings.

Applies both to party walls and floors. This level is, simply put, the difference between the source level and the receiver level during sound insulation tests. For example, if the source level in one flat is 100db and the receiver level in the neighbouring flat is 45db, the level difference (or sound reduction performance) is 55db. This difference is then corrected for several factors such as background noise, room characteristics and frequency weighting (which we will not dwell on),giving the final sound insulation performance value of the tested element. So, the higher this number, the better the performance.

Now, the impact insulation performance values shown only apply to party floors and related to the effectiveness of the floor construction in absorbing shock, hence not transmitting footfall noise. The measurement is done by using a tapping machine which has 5 weights tapping in regular succession on the tested floor. The noise levels in the room below are then measured and averaged for different tapper positions, giving the sound reduction rating of the floor. So, in this case, the lower the figure, the better the performance.