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LB3 GenieClip ( Pliteq) - Virtually no Space Loss Acoustic System

LB3 GenieClip ( Pliteq)  - Virtually no Space Loss Acoustic System


If you can't afford to lose any ceiling height due to already low ceilings and still want the best possible soundproofing solution, then the new Pliteq GenieClip® LB3 bracket system would be the best solution for you. This high performance Acoustic clip system will not only reduce both impact and airborne noise but also will keep the existing ceiling hieght after installation.

You will need to remove the current ceiling and expose timber joists. The extended steel bracket is installed within the joists and when installing the furring strip a 5mm space is left below the joist.

Spacing the LB3 Genie clip is similar to the standard genie clip, but the bracket does allow the genie clip to be adjusted if needed.


  • Superior Level of acoustic performance
  • NO Ceiling height Loss when ceiling removed
  • Part E Compliant
  • Refurbishments and New Builds
  • Same level of performance as the standard genie clip
  • Substantial performance over the resilient bar

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