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Rockwool Rockfloor 25mm - Acoustic Floor Insulation

Rockwool Rockfloor 25mm  - Acoustic Floor Insulation

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Rockfloor is a acoustic and thermal product which can be used for floor soundproofing and insulation.Made from renewable stone wool which has highperforming acoustic solution for separating floors.

Rockfloor Benifits

  1. High Compressive and point load resistance
  2. Minimises thermal and acoustic bridging
  3. Easy fitting
  4. Can absorb sub floor imperfections
  5. Excellent Impact noise absorbance
  6. Water Resistant ( Requires DPM, when installed to ground floor concrete)
  7. Concrete ground floors
  8. Excellent for installing a sub floor in Music studios

Rockfloor Specifications

  1. 1000mm x 600mm x 25mm ( each)
  2. Part E Compliant

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