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Rockwool Acoustic Insulation

ROCKWOOL has you covered with insulation for all aspects of any house renovation, extension, music rooms and drum rehearsal spaces. Made from stone, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation has multiple benefits including excellent thermal qualities and water repellency allowing the insulation to breathe so it will not trap moisture and will resist rot and mould. And of course because it is made from stone it has excellent fire resistance properties making it a non-combustible insulation choice protecting families in the event of a fire.

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Rockwool 100mm RW3 Slabs offers excellent acoustic..
Rockwool 100mm RWA45 Slabs offers excellent a..
Rockwool 75mm RW3 Slabs offers excellent acoustic,..
Rockwool 75mm RWA45 Slabs offers excellent ac..
Rockwool 50mm RW3 Slabs offers excellent acoustic,..
Rockwool 50mm RWA45 Slabs offers excellent ac..
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