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Gym Soundproofing

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Nobody goes to  GYM to sit still. Its an environment designed to encourage high levels of activity.

Why Work With Us?

Getting the specification right - there's no testing standard or building regulation which specifically governs sound control in gym environments. By using our subjective testing service, you can strike the right balance between acoustic performance and budget. No over engineering, simply solutions which are fit for purpose.

Proven Products for gym environments - We have one of the most extensive product ranges for sound control in gyms including:

Free weights areas - Functional areas - Sports flooring - Accessories - Reverberation treatments

From sports flooring and impact systems, through to high performance building isolation with floating floors - We've Got it Covered 

More Than a Supplier - we don't just design , manufacture and deliver market leading products. Instead, we work with the entire supply chain and project teams to ensure a smooth path from conception to completion. This includes attendance at project meetings and site supervision , where required.

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