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SKU: HushDeck28-ImpactDefense28-451

Hush Deck 28

£33.40 Ex Vat

£40.08 Inc Vat


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Hush Deck 28 £40.08
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Hush-Panel 28 has been developed as a sound reducing floor panel that can be used as a structural or an overlay floorboard. When used as an overlay board the Hushfelt resilient layer can be applied to help resolve any instance of undulating in the surface of the boards. Excellent results are achieved in both refurbishment and new build projects when using Hush-Panel 28 as part of a sound insulation system for separating floors. It is also an ideal flooring panel for ceramic tiling in conjunction with Permalayer and a peel clean version is available to enable builders and developers to achieve spotless handovers.

ApplicationCan be laid over concrete, existing timber floors or directly over joists up to 450mm centresComprises
18mm High Density P5 Moisture Resistant tongued and grooved chipboard with 10mm Hushfelt™ resilient layer
Overall Board Dimensions 2400mm x 600mm x 28mm
Area per board 1.44m²
Weight per m² 15 kg
Weight per board 21.6 kg
Overall nominal thickness 28mm
FFL over concrete or timber deck26mm
Robust Standard Details FFT5 over floor structures EFC-1, EFC-2 and EFS-1


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