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SKU: LB3GenieClip-SPS-dB-Board-Tape-614

LB3 Genie Clip

£7.95 Ex Vat

£9.54 Inc Vat


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Custom Price
MLV50 £62.34
Acoustic Mastic £7.14
12.5mm Soundshield £21.54
SPS dB Board Tape £9.54
SPS dBX Boards £29.08
Genie Clip Furring £6.12
Genie Clips LB3 £6.36
RW3 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £42.66
RW5 100mm Acoustic Mineral Wool £38.88


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If you can't afford to lose any ceiling height due to already low ceilings and still want the best possible soundproofing solution, then the new Pliteq GenieClip® LB3 bracket system would be the best solution for you. This high performance Acoustic clip system will not only reduce both impact and airborne noise but also will keep the existing ceiling hieght after installation.You will need to remove the current ceiling and expose timber joists. The extended steel bracket is installed within the joists and when installing the furring strip a 5mm space is left below the joist.
Spacing the LB3 Genie clip is similar to the standard genie clip, but the bracket does allow the genie clip to be adjusted if needed.

The Pliteq GenieClip® RST is specifically engineered to deliver superior acoustical performance by reducing the transmission of both airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies. It is a unibody moulded rubber and galvanized steel mount designed to attach acoustic plasterboards to either wall or floor/ceiling structures. Here are some key features and benefits of the GenieClip® RST:


Key Features:
1. Unibody Design: The GenieClip® RST is constructed as a single, integrated unit, combining rubber and galvanized steel components. This design is intended to enhance its soundproofing capabilities.
2. Recycled Materials: The GenieClip® is made from recycled components, which is an environmentally friendly feature. This can be an important consideration for sustainable building projects.
3. Regulation E Compliance:The GenieClip® can be used as part of a system that complies with Regulation E, which is related to sound insulation and acoustic performance in buildings.

1. Superior Acoustic Performance:The GenieClip® RST is designed to provide excellent acoustic performance, making it suitable for various applications such as walls, ceilings, music rooms, drum studios, and cinema rooms. It effectively reduces sound transmission in these spaces.
2. Quick and Easy Installation: Installing the GenieClip® is described as quick and extremely easy. This can save time and labour costs during construction or renovation projects.
3. Significant Sound Improvement: The GenieClip® outperforms many other decoupling mechanisms by providing a substantial improvement in sound insulation. It is claimed to offer an average airborne improvement of 55dB for ceilings and 65dB for walls. Additionally, it provides an impact improvement of 20dB.
4. Exceeds Part E Regulation: The GenieClip® RST's acoustic performance exceeds the requirements of Part E Regulation for airborne sound, which typically ranges from 55dB to 65dB. This means it can help buildings meet or surpass the necessary acoustic standards.

- Ceiling Depth Gain: 20mm
- Solution Airborne Performance: 52 dB
- Typical Airborne Improvement: 21 dB
- Typical Impact Improvement: 19 dB

+ dBx Upgrade
- Ceiling Depth Gain: 22mm
- Solution Airborne Performance: 55 dB
- Typical Airborne Improvement: 24 dB
- Typical Impact Improvement: 21 dB

These solutions indicate the potential acoustic performance improvements achievable with different approaches to ceiling upgrades. In summary, the Pliteq GenieClip® RST is a soundproofing solution designed to excel in various applications, offering ease of installation, significant acoustic performance improvements, and compliance with relevant building regulations. Its combination of recycled materials and innovative design makes it a valuable option for those seeking effective sound insulation in building projects.

Recommended Upgrades:

- dBX Boards: The soundboard is made of a 15mm thick cardboard shell that is filled with fine sand. This combination of materials provides excellent mass and density, which is essential for effective noise reduction.These may provide additional benefits when used in conjunction with the Resilient Bar system.

- MLV50 Membrane: Mass-loaded vinyl membranes can further enhance soundproofing performance, especially when noise reduction requirements are higher.


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