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  Next day delivery available - Order before 12pm

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  Next day delivery available - Order before 12pm

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SKU: soundlay12mm

Soundlay Plus 12mm

£32.95 Ex Vat

£39.54 Inc Vat


1.2m x 1.2m

Total Meterage: 

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Size Type Weight Price
1.2m x 1.2m 12mm 12kg £39.54


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Soundlay Plus offers additional airborne and impact sound insulation where extra noise control is necessary.
This is a 2ply laminated product consisting of 3mm Acoustic barrier mat and 9mm Closed cell PE foam. Soundlay Acoustic Overlay is designed for concrete floor applications and can also be used for timber floors.
It is primary used where impact noise insulation is required although can provide a level of airborne noise insulation.

Thickness: 12mm
Width: 1200mm Length: 1200mm
Coverage: 1.44m2
Weight/m2: 8.5kg --- 12.24kg per sheet
Performance: 48db Airborne 49db Impact* *

**tested with double layer of plasterboards on resilient bar on ceiling side 
Reduce impact sound The product is free of lead and bitumen. The acoustic barrier layer is a thermoplastic material and as such is fully recyclable depending on end use application. Improve airborne sound performance Suitable for concrete and timber floating floors Both systems tested on basic floor constructions Flexible easily cut and simple to install Supplied in thin easy to handle tiles. Simple to install Cost effective Suitable for all final floor finishes


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