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SKU: Cradle20/40

Acoustic Cradles

£2.65 Ex Vat

£3.18 Inc Vat


Total Meterage: 

Product Total-Sub Cost: 

Size Price
Base Packer 10mm £0.96
Base Packer 30mm £1.54
Packers - 300 x 2mm Packers £42.82
25/10 - 10mm Base £2.82
25/20mm - 20mm Base £2.94
Packers - 100 x 5mm £23.94
20/40 - 20mm Base £3.18


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Acoustic Cradle systems feature patented recycled rubber crumb cradles that meet the standards of Robust Detail FFT2. They are widely employed in situations where Pre-Completion Testing is mandatory, and they find application in conversion, refurbishment, and new construction projects. These systems can be adjusted on-site to eliminate structural floor surface irregularities and accommodate various services.

25/20 - 20mm Base with 25mm Leg
25/10 - 10mm Base with 25mm Leg

20/40 - 20mm Base with 40mm Leg

2mm Packers (box 300)

5mm Packers (box 100)

10mm Base Packer (each)

30mm Base Packer (each)

25mm/30mm Batten - 11 Cradles per sqm (300mm batten to batten centre - 300mm Cradle to Cradle)
45mm/50mm Batten - 6 Cradles per sqm (400mm batten to batten centre - 600mm Cradle to Cradle)

Key features of this system include:

  • A patented design that delivers exceptional acoustic performance, surpassing the requirements of UK Building Regulations.
  • A dry alternative to traditional screed; it is installed directly on a damp-proof membrane on the concrete slab, making it a popular choice for residential and hotel projects.
  • The ability to level uneven floors on-site.
  • Rubber cradles are crafted from recycled lorry tires.
  • Battens are made from either FSC-certified timber or recycled UPVC window frames.
  • Cradle Base Packers are constructed from recycled rubber tires.

When comparing this cradle and batten acoustic flooring system to traditional screed installation, you'll find the following advantages:

  • It reduces installation time by 30%, potentially saving months on the project timeline.
  • No drying or waiting times are required.
  • It has over 5 times lower embodied carbon compared to sand and cement screed.
  • It streamlines the construction sequence by eliminating the need for wet trade contractors, with one contractor responsible for the entire job.
  • This lightweight system has over 4 times lower structural loading compared to anhydrite screed.
  • Its constructability allows for different cradle heights and packers under the battens to achieve a level finish on uneven slabs.
  • It enhances efficiency by allowing underfloor heating installation simultaneously."

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