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Soundproofing is any method for decreasing the sound weight concerning a predetermined sound source and receptor. There are a few essential ways to deal with decreasing sound: expanding the separation amongst source and recipient, utilizing commotion boundaries to reflect or assimilate the vitality of the sound waves, utilizing damping structures, for example, sound confounds, or utilizing dynamic antinomies' sound generators.


Soundproofing wall materials essentially decrease both airborne sound (e.g. talking, TV, music commotion) and basic sound (e.g. stride clamor, entryways, and drawers shutting) through gathering soundproofing walls, stud divider soundproofing or inner walls. To pick up the greatest execution when soundproofing a wall we endeavor to make an autonomous divider structure that sits before the divider. Gathering soundproofing is to a great degree prominent for essentially decreasing clamor from loud neighbours, from inside one's own home or work environment and additionally to ensure that a property meets building control necessities. The wall soundproofing framework is anything but difficult to fit all over. Various choices for party wall soundproofing are accessible from the exceptionally thin line stick on answers for the thicker and more powerful free stud structures. Wall soundproofing is at a level essentially above direction necessities. Soundproofing walls has different exceptional quality and attribute and furthermore utilize genie clips, resilient bars, sound isolation clips and so on. Versatile Sound Isolation Clips give two special ways to deal with sound security that will keep sound from transmitting through soundproofing walls or floor/roof congregations in a multifamily development and tall structures. The sound detachment cuts are intended for use with different confining plans and utilizations of soundproofing walls. It has been acoustically tried in divider frameworks and includes the affirmation that acoustical execution will enhance radically. Sound Isolation Clips offer a very successful technique to altogether diminish structure-borne sound for soundproofing walls. The resilient bar or sound breaker bar works by decoupling the newly suspended dividers from the joists. The new wall is as a result drifting off the joists by means of lightweight folded steel bars. The sound is assimilated as it goes through the layered spine of the resilient bar.

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Party Wall Soundproofing Panels - M20 Wall Panels 

Can’t afford to lose much wall space, but still want a wall soundproofing solution that will improve on airborne noise such as conversations, TV’s and music through your wall? Then the M20 wall panel system, also know as the SS20, would be most suitable for you.

New Independent Timber wall Installation 

This solution gives maximum improvement on both impact and airborne noise through your party wall when you can afford to lose some space?  The new Independent wall will have no contact with existing structure thus leaving an air-gap between the two walls.

Party Wall Soundproofing Solutions - Upgraded Version of the M20 wall panel system 

We have taken our standard M20 wall panel system to the next level. Without taking any additional wall space we have designed the thinnest but most effective party wall solution. Adding the German Engineered soundproofing boards, db boards, we have increase the improvement’s of M20 wall panel system by around 25%*.

Upgraded Version of the Full Independent Wall Solution 

Have some space to lose and want to get the best possible improvement after installation? Our Improved version of the Independent wall solution will give you up to 75% improvement in both impact and airborne noise transference, through all types of dividing or party walls

Independent Genie Clip wall Installation- Maximum Improvement 

Main issue is impact noise through your wall and have no issue with space loss in a room, then the Independent Genie Clips system would be most suitable for you. Using the Genie clips as a decoupling mechanism will give you the best possible improvement in impact noise.. This solution is very popular in the music Industry for rehearsal studios and music rooms.

Independent Genie Clip Wall Installation with added Phone Star Acoustic Boards


Our most effective party wall solution which will give you the maximum improvement in both impact and airborne noise. If space and cost are not an issue then installing this solution will give you the best possible improvement for any volume of noise through any dividing wall.

Upgrade Your Wall Soundproofing The following products can be added to any solution to further improved on noise levels

  • MLV 50 & 100 – Acoustic Membrane ( +-15%* Further Improvements)
  • Green Glue – Soundproof dampning Compound ( +-15%* Further Improvements)
  • Db boards – German Soundproofing Boards ( 20-25%* Further Improvements)


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