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SoundLay Plus 15 - Acoustic Underlay for Wood & Carpets

SoundLay Plus 15 - Acoustic Underlay for Wood & Carpets

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 SRU Soundlay Plus15 High Performance acoustic underlay which can be used in both new build and refurbishment timber floors. With an impressive height to performance ratio, it improves both airborne and impact sound performance. Also excellent impact noise improvement when installed to steps.

Product Description:

15mm Soundlay Plus is designed as an acoustic overlay solution for application over an existing timber floor where a significant improvement in airborne and impact performance is required.

Product Features:

  • ​Sheet Size:1200mm x 1000m x 15mm
  • Sheet weight: 16kg/m2
  • High Performance Closed cell foam with 2 x layers of Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Will not absorb water like other chipfoam products on the market today


  • Will exceed the requirements of Approved Document E, particularly impact performance, when used together with an adequately insulated wall solution
  • Minimal (15mm) increase in floor height or effectively zero if replacing existing underlay
  • Flexible, easy to cut, quick and easy to install
  • Can be laid under existing carpet or covered with a timber or laminate floor.

Acoustic Performance - Acoustilay V Soundlay Plus

    We often get asked  - Whats the difference between the Acoustilay Range and our very own SoundLay Plus 15

Both products use the same high mass material on the top and bottom (mass loaded vinyl) so the airborne performance is identical, however it is the middle foam layer which is where the SoundLay Plus 15 offers the biggest improvement over Acoustilay 15.

  • Acoustilay 15 uses a re-cycled chip foam (a combination of recycled materials), which due to is recycled nature has inconsistencies in its performance (i.e certain parts are harder than others and certain sections are softer, and is prone to small gaps
  • Whereas, the SoundLay Plus uses a manufactured closed cell, high load foam which offers a uniform performance across the whole soundproofing mat.
  • Secondly, because the foam is closed cell this will not absorb water. This can be a big benefit in case of any water damage to the floor in the future. 
  • Price of the SoundLay Plus are up to 20% cheaper per m2 

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