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70mm Acoustic Hanger - Sound Isolation for Walls & Ceilings

70mm Acoustic Hanger - Sound Isolation for Walls & Ceilings
£167.94 £155.94

Resilient acoustic hangers used in conjunction with MF ceiling system and timber joist ceilings and floors for increased acoustic performance.

These acoustic hangers 70mm come without anchors and can also be purchased individually. They are impact absorbing acoustic hangers for fixing to timber joists. Manufactured from mild steel DIN EN 10111/1051.

  • Use with timber joist ceilings, floor and ceiling systems for increased acoustic performance
  • Anti-vibration acoustic hanger
  • 70mm Vulcanised rubber Gromit
  • Electroplated Zinc Bracket
  • Cost effective and easy to install ( 3-4 Clips p/sqm) - saving time and money
  • +10db at frequencies 50-500 hertz ( Concrete Ceiling)
  • Product will not collapse if the rubber isolator should burn out
  • Load Test - 50kg

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