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Ceiling soundproofing is intended to focus on the control of noise seeping in or out of a room through a ceiling framework. This could be sound transmitting through a typical floor/ceiling get together, from upstairs to down, or down the stairs to up, or it could be focusing on the end of clamor seeping from space to room through an open plenum ceiling tile framework.


Regardless, the objective is to deliver more security inside the room, and more assurance against the sweep of the commotion in or out of the room. Soundproof ceiling are exceptionally successful in multi-family tasks and business structures where private units are above retail space or eateries. Some selective materials are utilized as a part of soundproofing ceiling. Soundproofing ceiling with The Genie Clip System give the most elevated level of acoustic execution and studio quality soundproofing ceiling. Genie Clip has been particularly built to give upgraded acoustic execution to the diminishment of effect and airborne sound through divider and ceiling. The resilient bar or sound breaker bar likewise works by decoupling the new suspended ceiling from the joists. The new ceiling is as a result gliding off the joists by means of lightweight layered steel bars. The sound is ingested as it goes through the layered rib of the resilient bar. The utilization of resilient bars or acoustic hangers in ceiling developments altogether enhances the acoustic execution of a ceiling soundproofing extend both from the effect and airborne point of view. Strong bars the ceiling sections goes about as a de-coupler by methods for an acoustic grommet inside the holder that keeps sound exchange starting with one surface then onto the next. Soundproofing a ceiling to meet the Part E regulations can be accomplished utilizing one of our scopes of Noise deck gliding floors. Soundproof timber and concrete floor developments utilizing one of the Noise deck sheets. There are different sorts of the board which can be utilized to diminish the sound transmission through floors for new form and transformation ventures. Autonomous ceiling are by and large considered to offer the best levels of soundproofing when attempting to decrease commotion exchange or to conform to Building Regulations. Introducing an autonomous ceiling will drop the ceiling tallness by at least 6 inches. Soundproofing ceiling with sound isolation clips is the absolute best answer for stride commotion and airborne clamor. Separating the ceiling from the floor joist above will anticipate vibration (commotion) from overcoming in the two bearings. Ceiling soundproofing that does not detach every one of the nails and sinks may offer some change airborne clamor like voices, TV and stereo commotion however it won't square strides from above or low recurrence commotion like a Home Theater in either course. Sound Isolation Clip ceiling can do both and will beat some other soundproof ceiling alternative accessible for the cash. Sound isolation clip as a reasonable and significantly successful soundproofing item for ceiling are anything but difficult to introduce works with a standard drywall furring channel.

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Standard Resilient Bar Installation. 

Cant afford to lose much space and looking for a cost effective ceiling solution. One of our most popular ceiling solutions the resilient bars would be most suitable for you. With only taking up 3cm’s of ceiling height this solution will give you a good improvement in both impact and airborne noise. Very popular for basements flats as due to already low ceiling.

Iso-Sonic Type C Decoupling Bracket 

Do you have standard 8ft high ceiling and need a suitable solution which will not take up much ceiling height. If you require ceiling soundproofing this is not very disruptive and will give you a good improvement in both impact and airborne noise, then our Acoustic hanger type C ceiling solution would be best for you.

New Independent Timber Structure Ceiling 

If you can afford to lose some ceiling height and also want to get excellent improvement in both impact and airborne noise through ceiling areas, then why not try our Full Independent ceiling solution? A 25mm Airgap is left between the current and new ceiling structures, eliminating contact between the two ceiling.

Genie Clips Decoupling Brackets - Keeping existing ceiling 

Very popular solution for all types of properties with standard and high ceiling. If you want the best improvement in impact and airborne noise without taking too much ceiling height, then our genie clips attached to existing joists through current ceiling will be most suitable for you.

Genie clip Decoupling Bracket with Phone Star Acoustic Boards 

We have added the 15mm Db boards to our standard Genie Clip system, to further enhance both impact and airborne improvements and without taking any additional ceiling height. This solution will give you around 25% further improvement than the standard version..

Genie Clips with Independent Timber Frame Installation 

When Impact noise is extremely high and you can afford to lose some ceiling height, then our Independent Genie clip solution would work best for you and your ceiling soundproofing. Decoupling the new structure from existing and using the genie clip mount, will give maximum improvement in impact and airborne noise. *This solution can be further upgraded with Tecsound 50 and/or 15mm Db boards.

Upgrading Your Ceiling Soundproofing

The following products can be added to any ceiling soundproofing solution to further improved on noise levels

  • MLV 50 & 100 – Acoustic Membrane ( +-15%* Further Improvements)
  • Green Glue – Soundproof dampning Compound ( +-15%* Further Improvements)
  • Db boards – German Soundproofing Boards ( 20-25%* Further Improvements)
  • Remove ceiling and Add additional Rockwool ( 15-20%* Further Improvement)


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