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At SRU Insulation Ltd we always aim to offer high performace soundproofing products at low prices.If you manage to find the same product somewhere else at a lower price, we will guarentee to beat it!


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Knauf 12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboards are designed f..
Knauf Plank 19mm are designed for installatio..
Resilient acoustic hangers used in conjunction wit..
 Large Applicator Rotating cartridge gun for ..
GenieClip Furring Channel is designed sp..
   If you can't afford to lose any c..
Rockwool 100mm RW3 Slabs offers excellent acoustic..
SRU FloorDeck 35 is a High Performance ac..
FloorLay 9 High Performance Acoustic Underlay ..
Specification     Gripbond Hi..
Fire & Acoustic Resistant hand held PU foam ..
 Or very own  Multi Purpose High Strengt..
Alternative product MLV100 Tecsound 100 is..
Alternative product MLV50 Tecsound 50 is a ..
Alternative product MLV100 Tecsound S100 i..
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