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Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing a Wall is one of the easiest Wall Soundproofing projects out there.  If you are able to lose some space within the room, then a Full Independent Wall system would be the best route to take, if not then a stick on M20 wall panel system would be your only option.

Soundproofing a Wall with an Independent wall system, you would leave an air-gap between the existing wall and the new timber frame structure. You would then add a layer of Rockwool Sound Insulation between your new framework which will act as the first defence against airborne noise by absorbing the sound waves and allowing less noise to pass through.

The next step will be to add mass to the area by adding our MLV Range the MLV50 & MLV100 High performance Mass Loaded Vinyl sound barrier. The MLV can be stapled or nailed directly to the new timber frame using an air staple or nail gun or added between the two layers of acoustic plaster board.

The MLV will cover the entire wall much like a soundproof membrane. It is best to overlap the seams as you cover the entire wall surface of the timber frame with the MLV. Once the MLV is installed, you will want to seal and tape the overlap as well as the perimeter of the vinyl membrane. Now that the MLV is sealed you need to decide on what decoupling mechanism you are hoping to use. You have various options like Sound Isolation Clips, Resilient bars and Genie Clips which can be attached to the new timber frame structure which will allow you to install the acoustic plasterboards away from the frame thus again absorbing the sound waves through the wall and allowing less noise through. 

Once the decoupling mechanism is installed you need to decide on the Acoustic Plaster Boards that you are wanting to install. Again you have many options of Acoustic plasterboards such as the standard British Gypsum or Knauf range or the higher performing boards such as the Phone-Well or our very own Resound Boards.

There are other methods available for Wall Soundproofing which include using a sound damping compound such as Green Glue, stick on soundproofing wall panels using the M20 wall panels or the direct wall system using Sound Isolation Clips or Genie Clips.

The M20 wall panel system is extremely popular and effective as it only takes up 50mm of wall space from within the room and achieves over 50% of noise reduction passing through brick party walls.

The M20 wall panel system is simply stuck on the existing brick wall using our very own High Contact Spray Adhesive and then covered with 2 x layers of acoustic plasterboards. The MLV Range and Green Glue can also be added to the system to further increase mass thus increasing acoustic performance of the M20 wall panel system.

Contact SRU Insulation today to order all you materials required to install any of the systems above. We also offer our very own installation teams throughout the Uk.

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