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Acoustic Db board 10mm - High Performance Phonestar Soundproofing Boards

Acoustic Db board 10mm - High Performance Phonestar Soundproofing Boards
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The 10mm Acoustic Db  board ( Phonestar Insulation Boards) on its own has been certified to reduce Airborne Sound by a very high 26 Decibels (Rw,-4Ctr) .When the acoustic plasterboard is then added to a wall, floor or ceiling structure, the overall Airborne Sound Insulation result of the complete structure will be much higher.

The Acoustic DB boards ( Phonestar Insulation Boards) reduces Impact Sound by a very significant 19dB(;Lw)  when laid on the industry standard concrete test floor. The overall impact sound insulation result of the complete floor and ceiling structure can also be tested and this laboratory result in Decibels is denoted by Ln,w. Please note that when comparing Impact Sound Insulation results of the complete floor structure, the lower the result the better the reduction in impact sound.


  • Extremely versatile soundproofing board for walls, floors and ceilings and most soundproofing applications
  • Significant reduction in both impact and airborne noise
  • Only 10mm thick, so minimal space loss to any area
  • Part E compliant
  • Natural , breathable product
  • Excellent with underfloor-heating
  • Leaves a solid floor finish ready after installation

Product Specifications:

  • 1200mm x 800mm x 10mm (15kg/m2)


  • 26dB (Rw, -4Ctr) Airborne sound insulation
  • 19dB (Delta Lw) Impact sound insulation

​*manufacture tested data

Cutting Boards

Most hand tools cab be used to cut the Db boards. Be very careful to keep the boards flat otherwise you will lose the sand. If this does happen keep a dust pan and brush and refill any sand lost back into the boards.

Sealing the Db boards

Use the specially designed tape to reseal boards after cutting. Using a standard gaffer tape will not give you a permanent seal.

Installation of db boards

Its always good practice to stagger the boards throughout the installation.


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