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SRU Insulation takes pride in the products we sell. We will work closely with you  to make certain that you will be able to improve both impact and airborne noise issues throughout your home to an acceptable level or to comply with the Part E Regulations. Because of our commitment to quality at the most affordable prices we carry one of the most extensive inventories of both noise control and acoustical treatment products under one roof. If you need soundproofing material, we are the ones to call.


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  • Regupol 4515 - Acoustic Underlay
    Regupol® 4515 Multi is a tough resilient acoustic underlay manufactured from PUR Foam and cork granu..
    From £155.99
    Ex Tax: £129.99
  • Resilient Acoustic Underlay - Cork Composite Underlay 3mm
    Resilient acoustic underlay designed to provide impact sound insulation under laminate and engineere..
    From £143.99
    Ex Tax: £119.99
  • Resilient Acoustic Underlay - Cork Composite Underlay 4.5mm
    Resilient acoustic underlay designed to provide impact sound insulation under laminate and engineere..
    From £153.54
    Ex Tax: £127.95
  • Sawn & Treated Timber
    Tanalised timber has been impregnated with a preservative solution (Tanalith E) under high vacuum pr..
    From £5.94
    Ex Tax: £4.95
  • SIF5 - Gypfloor Screws
    SIF5 screws provide support for the SIF floor channel system.   55mm Screws x 1000 p/box ..
    From £74.34
    Ex Tax: £61.95
  • Soundshield Underlay - High Performance Acoustic Underlay for Laminate and Wooden floors.
    Soundshield high performance acoustic underlay is ideal for reducing Impact Noise on both concre..
    From £147.54
    Ex Tax: £122.95
  • Space Saver - Concealed Acoustic System
    Space saver concealed acoustic wall and floor system is the ideal solution for upgrading a timber fl..
    From £7.14
    Ex Tax: £5.95
  • SRU Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive 500ml for the DIY & Trade
     Or very own  Multi Purpose High Strength spray adhesive, to bond our mass loaded vin..
    From £5.94
    Ex Tax: £4.95
  • Stay-Put  - Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive
    A Multi Purpose spray adhesive, to bond most surfaces to each other Product Information  ..
    From £8.34
    Ex Tax: £6.95
  • Tecsound 100 -  High Performing Acoustic membrane.
    Alternative product MLV100 Tecsound 100 is a very high performance acoustic membrane. It is ..
    From £83.94
    Ex Tax: £69.95
  • Tecsound 50 - Acoustic Membrane
    Alternative product MLV50 Tecsound 50 is a  high density synthetic soundproofing membra..
    From £57.54
    Ex Tax: £47.95
  • Tecsound SY50 - Self-Adhesive Acoustic Membrane
    Alternative Product MLV50 Tecsound SY50 is a very high performance acoustic self adesive&nbs..
    From £70.74
    Ex Tax: £58.95
  • Ventilation Units - For Music studios and Rehearsal rooms
    Our heat recovery units are ideal for circulating air within music studios and rehear..
    From £227.94
    Ex Tax: £189.95
  • X-Treme Acoustic Underlay
    X-Treme Acoustics high performance acoustic underlay is a very effective and simple acoustic so..
    From £44.34
    Ex Tax: £36.95
  • Acoustic Lagging - Waste and Service Pipes
    Rockwool Acoustic pipe lagging is a  laminated products comprising Rockwool Acoustic ..
    From £16.74
    Ex Tax: £13.95
  • Acoustic Pipe Wrap - Waste and Service Pipes lagging
    Acoustic Pipe Wrap – Increases the acoustic insulation of service pipes. It comprises porous felt an..
    From £155.94
    Ex Tax: £129.95
  • Kingspan Tp10 Thermal Boards
    SRU Insulation Ltd are able to supply a full range of Kingspan insulation products. If you cannot fi..
    From £50.34
    Ex Tax: £41.95
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