Affordable Soundproofing & Insulation Products

Studio Soundproofing

  • Green Glue - Sound Dampening Compound
    Green Glue  is a unique damping product that is ideal for new construction and renovation ..
    From £16.50
    Ex Tax: £13.75
  • Acoustic Foam Panels (Profile or Smooth)
    Designed to control the acoustics and reverberation characteristics of recording studios, the acoust..
    From £2.88
    Ex Tax: £2.40
  • Acoustic Curtain - Excellent sound absorbing curtains for music rooms | School Halls | Theatre Rooms
    Kilo Serge is commonly used in theatres and music performance spaces to dampen reverberation, result..
    From £89.95
    Ex Tax: £74.96
  • Acoustic Door Seals - Double Finned Acoustic door seal
    Acoustic and Smoke tested Perimeter Seal. BS 476 Part 31.1: BS EN 1634 Part 4 Acoustically ..
    From £11.94
    Ex Tax: £9.95
  • Acoustic Door Seals | Acoustic and Fire rated self-adhesive door seals
    A co-extruded PVC, acoustic and smoke perimeter self-adhesive seal. Located in the protected corners..
    From £11.94
    Ex Tax: £9.95
  • Acoustic Seals - Surface Mounted Dropdown Seal
    The Acoustic Dropseal is a surface mounted automatic door bottom seal which is spring loaded to clea..
    From £26.34
    Ex Tax: £21.95
  • Acoustic Wall Ventilator
    The acoustic wall ventilator designed for use in refurbishment applications, upgrading home ven..
    From £95.94
    Ex Tax: £79.95
  • LAS7005 si Acoustic Perimeter Door Seal
    The LAS7005 si Acoustic door seal is a neat, compact perimeter seal which has been proved to be..
    From £43.14
    Ex Tax: £35.95
  • Sound Panels |Treatment for Reverberation in Halls, Schools & Music rooms
    SRU Acoustic Panels are our most popular choice of sound absorber for treating reverberation an..
    From £52.74
    Ex Tax: £43.95
  • Ventilation Units - For Music studios and Rehearsal rooms
    Our heat recovery units are ideal for circulating air within music studios and rehear..
    From £227.94
    Ex Tax: £189.95
  • Acoustic foam bass traps - Large
    Acoustic foam bass traps are designed to control the acoustic and reverberation characteristics of r..
    From £47.94
    Ex Tax: £39.95
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